Raw Luxure

New Autumn Winter Collection TEN IMAGE Collection

Raw Luxure opens the door to an uninhibited and irrational luxury. A collection which invites to break rules and to go beyond superfluous things, to discover that the essence of new glamour is in the most basic things, a glamour that runs away the established limits.


TEN IMAGE launches a collection inspired on natural paradises which emerge in the middle of nowhere, and which combine all the tones of nature. Earth colours, from the most remote and bleak places, are combined with green and yellow tones, which remind of vegetation and sand shining under the sun. Eyes as the main focus. An almond-shaped and striking gaze, which contrasts with a naturally glowing face. Creamy and smooth textures which melt perfectly into the skin and radiate vitality.


Look Red Roulette

Focus all make-up attention to the lips with the red gloss. An attractive and sensual look with a shiny and sophisticated finish.

Look Unicorn

Have a natural look and make your lips shine with the Mirror Lipgloss Unicorn. Apply the product from the corner of the lips towards the center.

Look Raw&Juicy

Dare to blur the gloss to have a “bitten lip” effect. Apply the product directly with fingertips and blur it around the corners.

Look Silken

Elegant look to highlight the gaze. Apply warm tones to upper eyelids and have a contrast with the eyeliner. You will be surprised about how make-up changes!

Look Oxidize

Sophisticated make-up style with metallic contrasts and holographic effects, ideal for an evening look.  Iridescent tones which are perfectly mixed with the eyeliner to outline the eyes.

Look Iridiscent

Combine glowing and dark tones for a sophisticated make-up style. Brush the bronze Intense Pigment to highlight the look. The lightest shade below the eyebrow defines and styles it.


Make-up and styling, Hairdressing and Nails: Jordi Justribó

FASHION coordination: Jordi Justribó, Ester Moliner and Miriam Pérez
Fashion Photography:  Irene Suárez
Product Photography: Juan Sánchez Punzano Fotografía
Model: Ilenia Vallejo

Dressing: Isabel Sanchís & Llamazares y de Delgado

Location: Casa Fuster Hotel

Graphic Design: Miriam Pérez


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